Me, you, him/her

Learn pronouns in Cantonese


This week will focus on pronouns.  The good news is that spoken Cantonese doesn’t differentiate between gender.  And even better, to refer to multiple people pronouns, you just have to add the word 哋 (dei2) after me, you, and him/her to make we/us, you, and them.  

  • Me = 我 = ngo5
  • You = 你 = nei5
  • Him/her = 佢 = keoi5
  • We/us = 我哋 = ngo5 dei2
  • You (plural) = 你哋 = nei5 dei2
  • Them = 佢哋 = keoi5 dei2

Make it fun:

Ask your kids questions using the pronouns

  • What am I eating? = 我食緊乜嘢 = ngo5 sik6 gan2 mat1 je5
  • What are you eating? = 你食緊乜嘢 = nei5 sik6 gan2 mat1 je5
  • What is he/she eating? = 佢食緊乜嘢 = keoi5 sik6 gan2 mat1 je5
  • What are we eating? = 我哋食緊乜嘢 = ngo5 dei2 sik6 gan2 mat1 je5
  • What are you (plural) eating? = 你哋食緊乜嘢 = nei5 dei2 sik6 gan2 mat1 je5
  • What are they eating? = 佢哋食緊乜嘢 = keoi5 dei2 sik6 gan2 mat1 je5

Food flashcards

To help my kids learn food vocabulary, I made some flashcards of foods they like (and don’t like) to eat and drink.

Make it fun:

Get them to make sentences with the flashcards.

Are you hungry?

My life revolves around food so I will be teaching my kids a lot of food-related phrases. 😂

  • Are you hungry? = 你肚唔肚餓? = nei5 tou5 m4 tou5 ngo6 ?
  • I am not hungry = 我唔肚餓 = ngo5 m4 tou5 ngo6
  • I’m a little hungry = 我小小肚餓 = ngo5 siu2 siu2 tou5 ngo6
  • I’m hungry = 我肚餓 = ngo5 tou5 ngo6
  • I’m very hungry = 我好肚餓 = ngo5 hou2 tou5 ngo6

Make it fun:

Ask them this question throughout the day so they can practise all the different possible responses!

What do you want to eat?

We usually 3 meals a day so teach your kids how to answer this question!  Even if they don’t know how to say the specific food in Chinese, they can still say the rest of the sentence in Chinese.

What do you want to eat?  = 你想食乜嘢?= nei5 soeng2 sik6 mat1 je5 ?
I want to eat ____. = 我想食 ____. = ngo5 soeng2 sik6 ____.

Make it fun:

You can practise this question every morning before breakfast.  Teach your kids how to say the basics (cereal, toast, eggs, oatmeal, etc…) and they can respond to this question.