What’s happening right now

It’s been raining for the past few days.  So I took the opportunity to teach my kids how to say right now (而家 = ji4 gaa1), will it? (會唔會 = wui2 m4 wui2), rain (落雨 = lok6 jyu5) and raining (落緊雨 = lok6 gan2 jyu5).  

The addition of 緊 = gan2 is like adding the ‘ing’ to the verb.  So if eat = 食 = sik6, then eating = 食緊 = sik6 gan2.  If drink = 飲 = jam2, then drinking = 飲緊 = jam2 gan2.  

  • Will it rain today? = 今日會唔會落雨 = gam1 jat6 wui2 m4 wui2 lok6 jyu5
  • Today will rain = 今日會落雨 = gam1 jat6 wui2 lok6 jyu5
  • It’s raining right now = 而家落緊雨 = ji4 gaa1 lok6 gan2 jyu5

Make it fun:

Throughout the day, ask your kids what they are eating, drinking, doing, reading, etc… right now to allow them to practise using the words 緊 = gan2 and right now = 而家 = ji4 gaa1.


  • What are you eating right now? = 你而家食緊乜嘢 = nei5 ji4 gaa1 sik6 gan2 mat1 je5
  • What are you drinking right now? = 你而家飲緊乜嘢 = nei5 ji4 gaa1 jam2 gan2 mat1 je5
  • What are you doing right now? = 你而家做緊乜嘢 = nei5 ji4 gaa1 zou6 gan2 mat1 je5
  • What are you reading/watching right now? = 你而家睇緊乜嘢 = nei5 ji4 gaa1 tai2 gan2 mat1 je5


  • I am eating pizza right now = 我而家食緊 pizza = ngo5 ji4 gaa1 sik6 gan2 pizza
  • I am drinking water right now = 我而家飲緊水 = ngo5 ji4 gaa1 jam2 gan2 seoi2
  • I am brushing my teeth right now = 我而家刷緊牙 = ngo5 ji4 gaa1 caat3 gan2 ngaa4
  • I am reading a book right now = 我而家睇緊書 = ngo5 ji4 gaa1 tai2 gan2 syu1

Is it cold today?

Now that it’s spring time, my kids ask me what they should wear every morning because the weather changes every day.  So I taught them how to ask in Chinese.  

  • Is it cold today? = 今日凍唔凍啊?= gam1 jat6 dung3 m4 dung3 aa1
  • It’s very cold today = 今日好凍 = gam1 jat6 hou2 dung3
  • It’s cold today = 今日凍啊 = gam1 jat6 dung3 aa1
  • It’s a little cold today = 今日小小凍 = gam1 jat6 siu2 siu2 dung3
  • It’s not cold today = 今日唔凍 = gam1 jat6 m4 dung3


Draw pictures of different temperatures (0C, 5C, 10C, 15C) on flashcards and your kids to answer according to the card they pick.